Celebrating Diversity Through Food

Whether it’s street snacks at the Whistler Multicultural Festival or learning how to cook dishes from another country with other locals, food is a great way to get to know and learn about different cultures and people in our community.

All the recipes here were chosen, prepared and shared by volunteer immigrant cooks at community kitchens and/or the Whistler Multicultural Festival. We’ve included the stories that our cooks shared during these events as it is these individual memories of traditions and eating that really bring our cultures together. We are honoured to be able to share these fascinating looks into how food shapes our lives and families.

Food is a great way to get to know and learn about others in our community. Are you a good cook and want to make a meal for others and share good conversations and good times with others?

Want to share your own food culture? Send us an email and tell us what you want to make. We'll bring all the ingredients and book the space and make it ready for you, all you have to bring is your talent. Get in touch: info@wmsociety.ca

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