I grew up in a family where there was always homemade meals on the table and some yummy cake on Sunday and holidays. As a child I spent lots of time in the kitchen helping my mom and my grandparents. They would teach me how to cook, bake, preserve and eat.

Now I have my own family, and cook for them every day. We eat together at least twiec a day as it's important for us to have family around the table. My son is nine months old and he's being introduced to all new tastes and textures. I prepare my own baby food for him and he loves it.

Christmas is a magical time for me and we keep traditions alive even after six years being in Canada. I usually bake about 10 different kinds of cakes or cookies and prepare a traditional Christmas meal.

I am proud to share our traditional Christmas soup with you. It depends on the region how you prepare it, but the main ingredients are sauerkraut, pork, sausages and mushrooms. Some people add plums, apples or ham. It's called Kapustnica and it's served as a first course on Christmas Eve. Then we have schnitzel and deep-fried fish with potato salad followed by Christmas cookies. Adter that, it's time to run to the Christmas tree to open our presents.