Hong Kong and China

This month we're celebrating Chinese New Year will be cooking dumplings with Sam.

To start with I am Sambredi Shrestha, but you can call me Sam or sammy it’s more convenient call. I am originally from Nepal but I live and worked in Hongkong as a chef. I moved to Canada last year on September, and there’s a lot of places i would like to explore in the future. However i am loving whistler very much, I find people living with peace and happily with nature. 

The dish that I am making is one of the important dish in Chinese cuisine, that was originated on the Han dynasty around 200 BC, by Zhang Zhongjing a Chinese medicine practitioner. It is said that, it was a difficult winter and many people were experiencing ill effects from cold. To help the people warm up during this period of time, Zhongjing took mutton, herbs and chilli and wrapped them in a dough, then steamed them. This pillow like steam dish helped many people keep warm and prevent the cold. Which now is called dumpling. And it can be made in different shape and flavours too. 

We make dumpling today to pay the respect of the history of cuisine and keep ourselves warm during this winter and most importantly to enjoy the dish together.

The fun part is that in my country we love eating dumplings too but we call it Momo, when I find out dumpling are so famous in Hongkong it brought smile on my face because I love making and eating dumpling.