Rita Scherrer


1 Serving

40 mins 


Prepare batter and sauce

Cooking crepes

5. Always mix the batter first before you make each crepe. This is to make sure the batter is uniformly mixed.

6. Preheat a non-stick pan around medium heat.

7. Add oil, and pour a big spoon of batter into the hot pan, tilting and swirling the pan to form an even circle.

8. Swirl and spread the batter along the edge of the pan first and then fill the middle with the remaining crepe batter. Make sure the batter is as evenly spread as possible. The batter can make around 6-8 pancakes depending on the size of your pan.

9. Cook the crepes until they are just cooked on the surface (about 30 seconds) and browning on the edges. Flip over the crepe gently, and cook for a few seconds on the other side.

10. Spread cheese and tomato slices on half of the crepe. Fold the crepe in half and place in oven dish. Repeat many times until the dish is full or you have made all the crepes.

11. Pour the cream sauce into the oven dish and add grated cheese on the top.

12. Bake for 15 minutes, and enjoy!