Thailand: Pad Thai

Pui Narintip


1 Serving

20 mins 


Prepare the rice noodles

Cook the rice noodles in hot water until soft.

Prepare fresh or frozen shrimp (you can use other types of seafood or meat if you prefer).

Heat some oil or butter in a pan, and fry fresh shrimp (seafood or meat of choice). Set aside.

Making the Pad Thai sauce

Mix boiled hot water and wet tamarind. Add the fish sauce and sugar, then mix. Add salt to taste. Set aside.

Cooking the Pad Thai

Put in a little bit of oil, and mix it with the pad thai sauce. Once the oil and pad thai sauce are hot, add noodles and stir to cover well.

Move noodles and sauce to the side of the pan. Add a little more oil and the eggs. Scramble the eggs to cook. Add tofu and mix all together

Add cooked shrimp (you can use chicken, crab, or any type of meat if you prefer).

Add bean sprouts and green spring onions (keep some green spring onions for garnish). Mix everything to combine, and put on plate.

Ready to serve

Garnish with the leftover green spring onions, chopped peanuts, and lime wedges. Now it is ready to serve.

Watch Pui cook pad thai...